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Empower Your NICU Team and Transform Small Baby Care over the next 12 months

Welcome to a groundbreaking opportunity for NICU educators and professionals! Synapse Care is proud to introduce the Small Baby Nursing Quality Care Collaborative (SBNQCC), a game-changing initiative that's set to revolutionize the world of neonatal care. Join us in our mission to enhance the lives of the tiniest patients and their families.


Groups up to 5 members can save $1,000

(Limited Time Offer)


Learn to solve the small baby puzzle once and for all!

In the world of NICU care, staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial. The Small Baby Nursing Quality Care Collaborative brings together a community of like-minded nurses, educators, and physicians dedicated to transforming small baby care. Here's why you should join:


Connect with professionals who share your passion and commitment to small baby care. Bounce ideas, share insights, and collaborate for better outcomes.


Access invaluable knowledge, protocols, and quality improvement tools shared by our experienced members. Learn from the best to become the best.


Join our exclusive community calls where you can participate in discussions, get your questions answered, and be part of a supportive network.

Why Join the SBQCC?

  • Isolated Efforts: Work in isolation can lead to stagnation.

  • Community Support: Gain access to a network of professionals who are passionate about your field. Share ideas, protocols, and passion.

  • Lack of Resources: Small babies have unique needs, and limited resources can hinder their care.

  • Practical Tools: Receive practical tools to assess, implement, evaluate, and sustain your Small Baby Program. Transform your NICU care.

  • Overlooking Neurological Care: Common morbidities often take precedence, leaving neurological care in the shadows.

  • Enhanced Care: Learn and implement Neuro-Nurturing Care principles for small babies, preventing common morbidities and improving overall outcomes.

Hospital Invoice Request

To request payment from your hospital for the Small Baby Collaborative, please fill out the hospital invoice request form available on our website, providing all necessary billing information and details.

Our billing team will review your submission and process the request promptly.

2024-2025 Calendar of Events

This is a list of the dates, times and topics we will be covering on the monthly calls.

I'm so excited that you are ready to take your NICU's Small Baby Care to the next level in 2024.

~ Kathi

Choose Your Path to Excellence

The Synapse Care SBNQCC will unlock a full year of networking, knowledge sharing, resource building, and support from our dedicated faculty and the collaborative community.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of NICU care. Invest in the Small Baby Collaborative today, and be a part of a movement that is certain to shape the future of neonatal care and improve outcomes in your NICU.

Choose one of the two options below and let's work together to make a real difference in the lives of the smallest, most precious patients in the NICU.


1-Year Collaborative Team

Access for up to 5 members

COST: $3,000 $2,000

Save $1,000 (Expires March 1st)

Get a one-year membership to the SBNQCC collaborative for only a fraction of the cost of other collaboratives.

*Earn 12 contact hours of nursing CE credit

BONUS: One MD from your NICU can join the MD Champion sub-group of the SBNQCC for no extra charge!


Individual SBNQCC

Collaborative Member

COST: $750 $600

Save $150 (Expires March 1st)

This is a great option for NICU Nurses, Therapists, and Physicians who don't have a team who are ready to join the SBNQCC collaborative. Also, this option can be used to add-on additional members to a team that is already registered

*Earn 12 contact hours of nursing CE credit

LIMITED TIME OFFER - Get Started with SBNQCC for $49 Down!

Individual SBNQCC Collaborative Member

COST: $99 Down

*Followed by 11 monthly payments of $49

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Total payment of $638 over 11 months

This is a great option for NICU Nurses, Therapists, and Physicians who don't have a team who are ready to join the SBNQCC collaborative. Also, this option can be used to add-on additional members to a team that is already registered

*Earn 12 contact hours of nursing CE credit


Jayne Solomon


Jessica Jones


Katie Fedor


Megan Baird


Sharon Bonifazi


Lauren Heimall


Natalie Hunt


Charla Parkinson


Rachelle Sey


Alison Thomas


Shannon Tinkler


Beverly Walti


Amanda Williams


Diane Wilson



We have created a new specialty sub-group (called the MD champions) for those groups with a very supportive physician who will likely partner with them during this next year, as they implement strategies and tools they learn in the collab.

The MD Champions will get all the same emails, access to the same resources we share during the monthly collab calls, and have their own peer group to meet with quarterly. They will not be invited to the nurse's monthly call so we can stay focused on our role in change, and speak freely about our nursing challenges.

MD Champions are a bonus for groups that are signing up for the collab.

Raylene Phillips


Alfonso Vargas



This course is pending approval by the California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider Number 15417, for up to 12 contact hours.

*Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds.

**This is an individual viewing license, so sharing of access is prohibited and violations will result in revocation of this license permanently.

The course content is the property of Synapse Care Solutions and any distribution or copying of any materials is strictly prohibited.

Terms of Use

Please read these terms carefully before making a purchase. By subscribing to the Small Baby Nursing Quality Care Collaborative, you agree to abide by the following terms of use:

Internal Use Only: The materials provided, including the Small Baby Bedside Resource Guide and other written and video content presented within the Small Baby Collaborative, are for internal use within your healthcare organization only. You may not use these materials for any external purposes. This information is non-transferable, and access should not be shared to outside groups, copied or distributed in any way without prior written authorization.

No Medical Diagnosis or Advice: We are not making any diagnosis or providing medical advice through the Small Baby Nursing Quality Care Collaborative. The information provided is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment or care of individual patients. Always seek the advice of the Attending physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding the topics shared and discussed.

Hospital Approval: Before implementing anything presented during the Small Baby Nursing Quality Care Collaborative, you must obtain proper approval from the relevant hospital or department administrator. Implementing any changes or protocols within your organization should be done in accordance with established hospital policies and procedures.

By making a purchase, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms of use and agree to adhere to them. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the revocation of access to the Small Baby Nursing Quality Care Collaborative without refund or recourse. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact us for clarification before making a purchase.

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